Stock Images: Parchment Vectors 1 and 2

Parchment Vector Pack 1

Parchment Vector Pack 1:

* Price $30.00
*Contains 4 images (tattered scroll)(folded corners parchment)(unrolled scroll and pen)(feather pen and ink bottle)
*Black and white in rpg color mode
*Includes .tif (355 Mb) and .ai formats (2.4Mb) for your convenience, plus a LZW compressed version of the .tif (1.4 Mb.)
*Unzipped .tif version is 9,824 x 12,640 pixels at 1200px resolution
*Royalty free license
*Resale is prohibited
*Unlimited use within terms described below.

Parchment Vector Pack 2

Parchment Vector Pack 2:

* Price $30
*Contains 4 images (opened scroll with opposite rolls)(flag)(three parchments)(opened scroll)
*Black and white in rpg color mode
*Includes .tif 323.8 Mb) and .ai (3.3 Mb) formats for your convenience, plus an LZW compressed version of the .tif (1.2 Mb.)
*Unzipped .tif version is 10,048 x 11,264 pixels at 1200px resolution
*Royalty free license
*Resale is prohibited
*Unlimited use within terms described below.

The purpose and intent of this license is to grant use of royalty free stock images for unlimited use by a single licensee for a reasonable one time fee. Please read the agreement below before you make any purchase.

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4. Use. Image(s) may be used in any medium without limit to time period, number of digital impressions, print copies and territory as long as licensee maintains control of use of the image(s). Licensed use of images may not be gifted to, published by, transferred to, assigned, conveyed, resold, sublicensed, rented or granted to any third party. Images may be used in part or full and modified to suit licensee’s purposes within the terms set forth within this license.
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8. Agreement. By purchasing or downloading any images, you agree to indemnify and to hold Little Guy Creations and Delos Woodruff harmless from any claims, liabilities, losses and damages (including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses) arising from any use or reproduction of the image(s) and/or use of this website. You agree to take full legal and moral responsibility for your use of images and content. If changes are made to this license, licensee will be notified via the email address on file if possible but it is recommended that you periodically return to the download website page to check on the current agreement text. The only way this notice may be superseded is by a signed, dated and written statement by Little Guy Creations.

If you do not agree with any part of this agreement, do not purchase a license or download any images. By purchasing or downloading images from Little Guy Creations, you are agreeing in full to this license.
Your download link will be immediately available upon successful purchase.

Parchment Pack Vector 2

Parchment Vector Pack 2

Parchment Pack Vector 1

Parchment Vector Pack 1

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