The Web Explained for the Average Person : Can You Make A Difference?

These days, it’s hard for the average person to feel like they can make a difference. It may seem counter intuitive, but businesses are depending on you to make that difference.

This is where the phone company, your cell carrier and the cable companies all need to sit up and pay attention. Ever wanted to change your plan to a better deal with the same company but you weren’t allowed to? Most will leave that company and complain to all their friends about how poorly they were treated.

People on social media are reporters and marketers businesses. Every person.

Insightful marketer Seth Godin reminded us that the customer that pays the most is not the best customer. It’s the customer that is pleased and tells people about how happy they are.

So businesses need to please their best customers. They need to treat you, their best customer, right. Doesn’t that help you feel like you can make a difference?

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