Social Media News Update

Kids are getting out of school, your workmates are going on vacation and you might be planning to travel this summer. How better to keep in touch than by social media?

And to make social media even more useful, Facebook has purchased Instagram for a cool billion. Instagram lets you share photos with your friends, so perhaps they have a key technology that Facebook wants to own. After all, you can already email, Dropbox, message and Tweet photos for your friends, let alone share them on Facebook. A billion dollars for something you can do almost anywhere?

So maybe it’s not more useful for Facebook to do that. But they are making more money off advertisers. And Google continues to work on improving Google + with changes designed to make using the service easier.

Pair, on the other hand, is a social network that only exists for couples. It’s currently valued at $10 million – and again – there is very little that Pair does that you couldn’t do with other social networking services if you just changed a few account settings.

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