Little Guy Creations Continues To Watch The Web For Our Clients

We continue to accrue new customers, excited about their websites and growth. Our website owners always want to know if there is anything they can do to improve their websites, and we are happy to make and implement suggestions.

Sometimes, though, things are happening that will come to affect the internet down the road. We strive to make sure our clients are knowledgable and prepared for those changes.

For example, it appears that state governments will now start taxing internet transactions. For now, this only applies to online retail businesses grossing over one million dollars but sooner or later, this will apply to every transaction. It might be a few years, maybe even ten years but once governments start dipping their toes into a new revenue source, they only expand it. This is a good thing to keep an eye on for every business owner.

Another example of something we need to be warned about is something called “Google Now.” This is designed to anticipate what you need BEFORE YOU ASK and Google Now will provide it. It accomplishes this by gathering every scrap of data it can about you, personally, and then using it to personalize your internet use. Do you check the weather before you leave work? Google Now will realize that and simply serve it up to you. Or maybe you go to the gym after work; Google Now may figure that out and warn you that there is a traffic problem on your regular route to the gym. The possibilities are endless.

How does this affect the business website owner? Search results may become so personally tuned to the individual that no one’s Google Search will have anything in common with anyone else’s. That means your website probably can’t ever reliably get one of the top results on the search page. It’s already taking into account your smart phone or computer location to serve you local results when appropriate – search for pizza and you’ll get the closest pizza places around you, mixed with the big companies (Dominoes, Pizza Hut, etc) and the more popular local places with good websites. Note that the search rankings have little to do with how good the food is but more to do with whether or not you’ve visited their website in the past or searched for restaurant reviews on them or just you are physically close to them.

There will be even more personalization with Google and especially Google Now. (And the other web companies, too. All of them want to do this.) As you can see, what websites simply suffice at this point may not be able to hold their water in just a few years as technologies like Google Now are implemented.

This is one way that Little Guy Creations looks out for their clients. We are your partner in helping your website make the most of the web right now and in the future. Contact us today and we will discuss how we can help you.

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