Your New Website Focus


Do you remember how you could have a website built on a few pictures and some text from your brochure?

Do you remember when what mattered was page ranking and the number of page views on your website?

Do you remember how this website could be successful without having to do anything to help it?

Do you remember when social media like Twitter could be safely ignored?

Those day are long gone. As a matter of fact, it’s been a few years since those things were true.

The newest changes are an evolution in the direction that Little Guy Creations has been repeating for years. Have great, in-depth content with pictures and videos, if you can. Engage with social media. Update your site periodically.

Many business owners don’t have time to spend on these things but then balk at the cost of having someone else do these things for them – that can truly be expensive. And then your web people are following their own program instead of doing what you need done.

Little Guy Creations wants to help you strike a balance between cost and results.
Benefit #1 – You know your business. You know what sells this time of year and what services people need. You let us know what to update your site with and when to update it, we take care of it.
Benefit #2 – We will advise you on what can be done to improve your web presence and how the web landscape changes. It can be a lot of work for you but once you are involved it becomes far easier to see the results you want.
Benefit #3 – You are in control of your website. You will understand your website and how it can make you profit. You can then make informed decisions about what will be good for your situation and what you want to avoid.

Visit our Standard Pricing Page and see what Little Guy Creations can do for you.

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