Facebook Search Improvement

Facebook search has always been atrocious. You can really only search for what people put in their profile information or their page name. If nothing turns up in that search, Facebook provides a Bing search which does not really include much from Facebook.

The April 2, 2012 issue of Bloomberg was all afire about how there was a blurry screen in the background of a recent Zuckerberg picture. It appeared to be some kind of Facebook search prototype. That seems a stretch to make that jump, but Facebook has hired a prominent engineer from Google. Not one involved in search, but he seems a smart fellow.

The thing is that people aren’t in the habit of searching Facebook for very much. It’s actually easier to go through all your friend’s lists of friends than it is to use the search function. Perhaps a new search will help make Facebook a place where you can find your friends and local businesses.

Facebook Bounty

Did you know that Facebook pays web developers who report bugs and security flaws about Facebook.com?

The January 30, 2012 issue of Bloomberg Business Week detailed rewards ranging from $500 to $5,000 – not a bad way to make some spare cash. If you have those kinds of skills, Google and Mozilla reward bug finders, as well.

Fortune Magazine has an interesting article in their February 6, 2012 issue that talked about the 100 best companies to work for.

GoDaddy was 93rd with only 3,274 employees. We figured GoDaddy was much bigger. For comparison, Adobe has double the employees and ranked 41st. Big things come in small packages sometimes.

Do you have trouble making time for Facebook?

How do you think that busy celebrities find time to be on Twitter or Facebook every day?

Well, they hire a Ghost Writer – often someone like Annie Colbert. There was an article about her in December 2011 Wired Magazine which describes how she chooses which celebrities to work with, how she matches their voice and how she tweets.

The next article in the magazine describes fake accounts that are created to inflate the follower account numbers. What’s important is the number of people who interact with you, not the number who follow you.

Facebook Go Oops

Facebook GaffesSay you had some unpopular ideas. Would you be upset if you suddenly couldn’t use your social media account? It happens.

Despite Facebook wanting all your updates available to all your friends at all times, they have given in and implemented something like Google+’s Circles. Unfortunately, it’s limited to Friends and Public. You can do more but you have to jump through a few hoops and it doesn’t seem worth the time – it’s easier to just message specific friends.

Double Click, Google’s ad section, released number showing that Facebook has 1 trilllion page views monthly. That would mean the average Facebook user visits (roughly) 38 pages per day or more, which seems a little high.

It’s always good to double check your numbers and another company reported far less page views, which yield 18 pages a day per user on average. That seems more reasonable.