Google Advertising Passes Print Advertising

Many business owners feel that they don’t need a website or the one they have is good enough.

Maybe that’s true. Maybe they have a restaurant that never has an empty chair. Maybe they never have times when business is slow.

Lots of businesses rely on local magazines or newspaper ads to spur on new business. And they work fine if you advertise in the right place which has the right audience and at the right time.

However, you should know we just crossed the line where Google Ads brought in more money than print advertising did during the first six months of this year. This is not to say that print advertising is disappearing entirely but the direction is for more people to be looking at screens than magazines and newspapers – and that’s where the advertising is going. Newsweek will be dropping its print product and switching to the web in January 2012. See the trend?

Imagine if they had just one more avenue to bring in business – one that worked 24/7 for them. We suspect that once a business owner thinks about it, they will realize that a website is both useful and necessary.

Once they realize that, it’s not that hard to make the leap to know that a website that periodically offers something new will bring in more visitors (customer/clients/interest.) Then they have to make that happen, which can be tricky and expensive to accomplish.

We can inexpensively help them build or improve their current website. Or help you with yours. Our smallest plans include small changes and updates so all you need to do is contact us.

We say we make websites better and that includes the process of making, improving and updating your website. We raise the bar on web services.

Googlicious – Keeping Up

The big web companies stay busy and Google is no exception.

There is a ruckus going on over what Google should show in their search results, Google + continues to grow and become almost mandatory for businesses because of how the pages work – and Google is adding all of your world (as they understand it) into your web experience.

Google is also making sure that the ads you see are pleasant – pleasant enough that you won’t complain about them. They’re also taking steps to curtail the efforts of those SEO folks who have the resources to make any web page rank. (Throw enough money into a dozen things and you are practically guaranteed results – this is the playground of gigantic companies.)

Google is also cracking down on ad-happy sites and web marketing needs to improve to make it through Google’s filters.

Their search machine is always changing but bigger changes are coming. Eventually, you won’t have to visit a website at all to find out things like the weather or see pictures. Anything publicly available will eventually just be displayed on Google. Wonder how tall the Empire State Building is? You can see the answer right on Google.

The privacy policy of all the Google services was folded into one, as Google assimilates all its services together. Still, some hijinks are always going on in a company the size and reach that Google has.

But here is the kicker to having read all of this. It’s all for the same goal. Google wants to be in every facet of your life.

Have you taken your place in Google’s search results?

No, this isn’t an advertisement for Little Guy Creation’s SEO work. This is about how you, personally, can help influence your website’s search rankings.

That’s right. If you have a Google+ account, you can contribute to your own success.

Google+ is Google’s social media service. And it’s more and more tied into the search results – much moreso than Facebook or Twitter (though these are still places you want your business to be found.)

Now, the article linked above is TWO MONTHS old as of this writing. Imagine if you had already been promoting your business with Google+ while your competitors don’t even realize how far they are falling behind you.

If this is the exciting news to you that it should be, then go to Google+ and get started.