Ten Seconds of Twitter

Say you had three hundred Twitter followers for your restaurant and you post a Twitter-only coupon. How many of those people might use your coupon? It’s hard to say because the results depend on what the coupon is for, who your clientele is, what time of year it is and other things. Let’s assume it was a pretty good response and fifty coupons came back. Not bad, huh?

That was a pretty good use of the five or ten seconds it might take to Tweet about your coupon. Just in case you think that fifty coupons of three hundred is unrealistic – say it was only ten coupons. That’s still a good return for ten seconds of effort.

You may have seen this article about Ashton Kutcher’t tweet sending 130,000 visitors to a link. Now, it’s unlikely that you will ever have 6 million followers and 130,000 validated coupons for your imaginary restaurant but that’s not the point.

The point is that it would be foolish not to use Twitter for your business, whether you have six or six million followers. It’s also very easy for your Tweet to be reweeted to people who aren’t even your followers.

The few seconds you spend to send out a Tweet that your followers will find useful is always well spent.

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Is Twitter Dying? Really?

Business tech helpSocial media like Twitter isn’t dying, like this writer claims. The commenters take the author to task because there are conflicting statements, but the main idea is that there is spam in Twitter.

If you look at your Twitter account, you’ll see far less spam than in other social media. (On Twitter, It’s very easy to get rid of a spammer with just a click – easier than most other social media, as a matter of fact.)

What business owners and marketers ought to take from this article is that your friends and followers don’t want to be constantly spammed with your marketing messages. They expect some advertising, yes, but they primarily want to connect with you.

Where social media does have a problem is where features are taken away or the interface is changed without advance notice or regard for users.

It’s all in how they handle the changes, really. If the changes are well thought out with the user in mind, few will complain. If they don’t really have much effect on the user, like Twitter telling you that any url you submit on the service will be changed. Does it matter to you that Wal-Mart has added a Facebook place page for each of its stores? It doesn’t impact the average user all that much, so it’s all good.

If the social media website is suddenly and without notice is filled with ads, that puts Facebook’s needs above its users wants.

On the other hand, if a social media website makes an effort to let you know how to handle your account in areas like privacy, that’s good.

Just Desserts and Gaga

Lady Gaga was the first to get ten million Twitter followers. She calls them monsters. What will Bieber and Barack call their followers when they hit ten million?

Hopefully they won’t tweet anything embarrassing or contacting people they shouldn’t. Lately, another Congressman has resigned for using social media inappropriately. Don’t let it happen to you.

Remember that eyeglass guy who yelled at and abused customers so they would talk about his business online and drive up his business in the search rankings? Well, he has plead guilty and will probably get prison time.

Why Don’t You Have Any Facebook Friends?

Have you given your Facebook friends enough reason to Like you? If you can get someone to even consider Liking your Facebook page, you ought to give them something worth their time. You also should let them know what great things you have in store for them to get them clicking in the first place.

Don’t just feed them dry information. Have a contest. Chat with your Friends. Tweet with your Twitterers. Even the NY Times is going to switch off their auto news feeds to Facebook and try this newfangled engagement thing. That’s not the easiest thing for a company like the NY Times but it is second nature for you.

So think about that once you get access to Google’s +1 button. Now you’ll need something interesting on your website, too.

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The Web Explained for the Average Person: Who Will Buy Twitter?

Twitter is up for sale. Twitter is willing to sell out for $8 Billion or so. Facebook and Google were in low level talks with Twitter in mid February.

Facebook might want it to eliminate a growing rival but Google might connect it with their other services.

How does this affect you? The fewer options you have, the more your communication channels and certain terms and conditions will be dictated to you. What if Facebook wanted to start charging you for every time you accessed Facebook on your phone? It’s unthinkable now but what if Facebook becomes the new USPS? What choice will you have then? Maybe it will not ever come to that result, but you should be aware that it is possible.