Instructions For Adding A Tab To Your Facebook Page

=Please note that Facebook has removed the ability to make Landing Tabs as of March 2012=
How do you add a tab to your Facebook page?

In February 2011, Facebook switched to an iframe method of handling Page tabs. As of 8/19/11, you have to add yourself as a developer and create an App by then following these instructions from Social Media Charity. And, as of the 19th, Facebook changed the interior Edit menus so things may not look the same but the process is still valid.

(Note:As of October 1st, 2011 Facebook plans to require Tabs (technically they are Apps) to have an https url, so any Tab/App created before then may not work after the 1st without an SSL certificate on the code host.)

If you already have the FBML tab from before February 2011, you can use instructions are below (which are good as of 8/17/2011. These instructions had to be updated from less than a month ago without any notice, so let me know if Facebook changed things and I haven’t updated this page.)

==How to add a tab to your Facebook page==
You’ll need to go to your Profile page, click the Edit page (on the top right) and then Apps (on the left.) You’ll want to use the Facebook Static FBML feature (which is probably on the bottom of the pile.)

Under where it says FBML-FBML, click “Edit Settings,” enable the tab and click save. (Note: The Facebook interface will not confirm anything.)

Next, click “Go to App” under FBML-FBML. A window will pop up. You’ll need to click in “add” and then the Okay button.

Now, go back to “Edit Settings” and the popup screen will show two boxes. Give it a title in the “Box Title” box and then paste the HTML text into the “FBML” box and click save.

==To make this Tab your new visitor landing page==
Lastly, go to “Manage Permissions” (on the top left) and find the option that says “Default Landing Tab.” Choose the Landing Page from the dropdown list that you want your visitors to be directed to.