Tech Religion

According to the Feb 13th, 2012 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, there is a religion founded by an Atheist and based on file sharing. Instead of “thou shalt not steal” this religion believes in “Copy and Seed.” It’s called Kopimism and the founder decided to file the organization as a religion purely on a whim.

As silly as it is to call file sharing a religion, it is a practical behavior to share the software and files we all need to use.

What good is a digital spreadsheet if no one can open the file?

Eventually, the software and music industry will see that sharing what they do only improves the bottom line.

Googlicious – Keeping Up

The big web companies stay busy and Google is no exception.

There is a ruckus going on over what Google should show in their search results, Google + continues to grow and become almost mandatory for businesses because of how the pages work – and Google is adding all of your world (as they understand it) into your web experience.

Google is also making sure that the ads you see are pleasant – pleasant enough that you won’t complain about them. They’re also taking steps to curtail the efforts of those SEO folks who have the resources to make any web page rank. (Throw enough money into a dozen things and you are practically guaranteed results – this is the playground of gigantic companies.)

Google is also cracking down on ad-happy sites and web marketing needs to improve to make it through Google’s filters.

Their search machine is always changing but bigger changes are coming. Eventually, you won’t have to visit a website at all to find out things like the weather or see pictures. Anything publicly available will eventually just be displayed on Google. Wonder how tall the Empire State Building is? You can see the answer right on Google.

The privacy policy of all the Google services was folded into one, as Google assimilates all its services together. Still, some hijinks are always going on in a company the size and reach that Google has.

But here is the kicker to having read all of this. It’s all for the same goal. Google wants to be in every facet of your life.

What Web Design Customers Need To Know

If you’ve ever wanted a website or web work done for you, then you may not know enough about it to even know what you’re asking for. A good web person will ask what you’re trying to accomplish, suggest a few options and their costs and benefits and finally, offer a strategic assessment of the best use of the client’s efforts.

This was a job description posted to the Elance website, where you can hire freelance web people to do web work for you. What should this customer have known?

“Elance: I am a network marketer and need a facebook fan page created with SEO because I intend to use ppc. I would also someone to maintain those pages. We will discuss in greater detail via phone. – avg bid $200”

To translate all this into simpler terms:
1. Create a Facebook page and maintain it.
2. It should then rank well in internet searches.
3. The customer intends to use paid internet advertising.
4. They want to pay roughly $200.

To simplify it even further, you can’t do all that at once. It’s not a bad idea to do all these things but this must have been a network marketer who is new to Facebook and Search Engine Optimization. Let’s address a few things you should know if you were this customer.

1. Creating a Facebook page is free and easy. Maintaining it is going to be an ongoing project. A Facebook page should be updated 2-3 times per day AND you would need to chat with customers. As the business owner, if you pay someone else to do this it will cost a lot more than $200. The first week might cost you $200 alone.

2. A Facebook page is not going to rank well in internet searches. Facebook doesn’t get along with Google, who will probably be sending you the most visitors.

Even more than that, Facebook isn’t set up for SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) It doesn’t matter what you post on your Facebook page, the search engines will never see it and send people to it.

By all means, have a Facebook page – it’s just not that valuable for SEO.

3. PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising is what you see when you do a search and all those ads appear on the top or right side of your search results page.

PPC can be a valuable way to bring people to a web page. It can be expensive, depending on what you are bidding on. Each click can be $1 or more… at best, $200 might buy 200-500 visitors and you pay for them even if they don’t buy anything from your website.

Also, PPC is a totally separate thing from SEO. It can help somewhat, but the value of PPC is bringing primed leads to your webpage to buy something.

4. $200 is not going to buy you very much SEO. SEO is an ongoing process and should be revamped monthly, doing more of what works well for your business.

Much depends on what industry you are in, how competitive it is in your location and how wide a reach you want.

Some companies will charge you thousands of dollars per month for this – just for your local area. It’s not unreasonable if you want bigger success – it takes time, research and manpower on an ongoing basis.

Still other companies would take your $200, make a Facebook page for you and then tell you that you are fully optimized and to expect great results.

Again, this customer didn’t want anything crazy. They wanted to have a Facebook page that performs well. However, they just didn’t have an idea what they were asking for and how much it would cost in full.

Joomla Users Updates

Good day,

Some of you may have a Joomla based website. On January 5th, there was a security update. And then again on February 3rd and March 6th and March 16th and on April 4th.

Some of the updates were not all that important but others were. You may, if you have a Joomla website, wish to log in and run some updates. You don’t want any security vulnerabilities.