WebDesign and Services

Little Guy Creations offers reasonably priced services in a few different areas.

Some of our services:

Basic Website Creation
We create hand coded, custom websites for about $100 per page. (Hosting is separate, as noted below.) The fee includes creating the site up to current coding and SEO standards. We also install Google Analytics so you can see what results you are getting. We will answer your questions about how websites and search engines work and present you with a mockup for you to approve. We also will tweak the mockup until you’re happy with the design. Pages can have submission forms, PayPal buttons, Image Galleries, Social Media Links and more.

Our goal is to present a finished website to you within 21 days. Upon approval, we apply the design across all your pages and with the final payment, copies of the website code and associated files become your property to do with as you wish.

Basic Hosting Plan:
We will host your website for $400 per year, which includes not only the hosting but also any minor updates. This also includes setting up or managing emails and being available to answer your technical questions. We periodically get calls asking for technical help unrelated to web design like setting up printers or fixing software settings in programs. This option covers that.

Updating Your Current Site and Web Work
If all you want is some work done on your current website, we charge a flat rate of $40 per hour. Any updates will be done to your satisfaction and to current SEO standards. Note that you will need to provide any images you wish added to your website; we can help you with the text.

Besides adding pictures and text, updates do include adding a flash video or embedding a YouTube video. They are really great for engaging with your site visitors, who will stay on your site longer. We can recommend a videographer if you need one.

Blog Installation
Blogging can be a fantastic viral marketing tool and is a great way to be seen as an expert in your field. You can keep visitors coming back to your website on a daily or weekly basis with posts on current events related to your business, promoting product launches, work samples, press releases and news on company events. The more often you blog, the better the results.

If you want a blog, it will cost $400 to be all setup (and hosted if desired) for one year. Initial training and support are included, so if you don’t know how to blog then we will show you what to do and how to do it. We will create the database and do some basic customizing, such as adding your logo to the site and so on. For more advanced work and customization, we will agree on the details and price before any further work is done.

With an emphasis on line work, Little Guy Creations produces graphic design including top quality drawings, illustrations and products. We can design your logo, create caricatures, short comics and more. As a teaser, we even have a a number of games designed and in various stages of production.

Other Work
We offer other services not mentioned here but those come with expectations and fees that have to be carefully laid out. For example, we have handled social media updates on behalf of businesses, created business card designs, put together brochures and more. All these things need to be negotiated so that everyone is happy.

Contact us today so we can get started on your project.

Our Promise
Little Guy Creations functions on a win-win basis. We don’t simply want to profit from you; we want to succeed with you. That’s why we don’t nickel and dime you for updates and our hosting plans assume you will want to make regular changes to your site instead of billing you extra for the service we recommend.