Gadgets and Assorted Tech News

How’d you like a $25 computer?

And you probably liked your new Android phone that you bought. How do we know you bought one? It doesn’t take that long for hundreds of thousands of daily device activations to add up.

Really. Do we really need to shut off our gadgets when planes are taking off? Research says no way.

Microsoft, always helpful, has decided to patent a way to track employee activity by monitoring everything you do on the computer. Perhaps they could roll that out at Microsoft first so that those engineers can create a hack that breaks the program for the rest of us.

Meanwhile, Bing and Yahoo are search equal. You’ll have to forgive us, but they already display exactly the same results…. Shouldn’t they be equal? If anything, they’re double dipping by showing the same thing in two different places.

Microsoft may be forcing an update to your browser. Things may not work right for you after this.

Finally, GoDaddy had a mass exodus of domains due to customer rage. Perhaps that’s why they are raising their domain name prices as of January 15th, 2012.