Without further ado, more Google news for you

You may have heard that Google was going to purchase AdMeld, a company that would let Google optimally offer advertising to and from various ad platforms to ad space buyers. Google provided a run down of how it all works, if that’s something you want to take advantage of.

Google’s new social network is somewhere everyone will end up using it. The general agrrement is that it’s still up in the air.

Plus, Google gaffed by deleting business profiles from the service who have had valid Google accounts for quite awhile. Clearly, Sesame Street should be a valid user account and deserves a little leeway, especially if it will be months before businesses are allowed to be on Google+. It’s hard to understand why Google didn’t see the demand for business use on their social network from the start.

Google+ has already matched Facebook’s capabilities (and more) so just wait until they add more well integrated features. For instance, they can start adding in features from those previously under Google Labs or games from their new game network or even other startup tech companies.

For instance, you can not only make calls from GMail, but you can also do call waiting. Other changes are smaller and are still works in progress.

Google is also streamlining things by getting rid of other long standing services, removing offsite business reviews, simplifying its look and encouraging the use of its’ browser, Chrome. I’d love to speculate on what they will do with this little capability.