Have you taken your place in Google’s search results?

No, this isn’t an advertisement for Little Guy Creation’s SEO work. This is about how you, personally, can help influence your website’s search rankings.

That’s right. If you have a Google+ account, you can contribute to your own success.

Google+ is Google’s social media service. And it’s more and more tied into the search results – much moreso than Facebook or Twitter (though these are still places you want your business to be found.)

Now, the article linked above is TWO MONTHS old as of this writing. Imagine if you had already been promoting your business with Google+ while your competitors don’t even realize how far they are falling behind you.

If this is the exciting news to you that it should be, then go to Google+ and get started.

Google Plus – Is It For You?

Google Plus is a new social network which is starting to gain some ground on Facebook’s 750 million users. It has all kinds of features like group video chat and eight other reasons.

These features could be used by businesses to do conference video chats, manage the dissemination of information to select contacts and more. But not quite yet.

Many tech users have started adopting the Plus service, and there are already articles out there for how to set your privacy settings with some eager to abandon Facebook altogether. We don’t recommend that just yet, but it would probably be good to be on Google Plus if you’re a business, once they open it up.

Google expects Google Plus to replace the social data it has been buying from Twitter.

Facebook is also trying to keep up in this social media arms race with video chat and free music, as well. The response has been lackluster since Facebook’s websites tend to be buggy and even less user oriented than Google’s so we’ll see how things work out. Facebook is convinced that it is now all about apps.