Read This and Nine Out Of Ten Of You Will Be More Productive

Do you ever have to search a web page or a document for information?

Try pressing Control (CTRL) and F. (Apple computers use Command + F.) It will open a Find Window, which will search all the text for your desired words.

Want to know more shortcuts?

CTRL+C copies whatever you have highlighted.

You can then click in another program or another place in your document and press CTRL+V to paste it in that spot.

CTRL+A copies everything. So you can copy everything (images and tex) on a web page, open an email and then paste it into the email to send to your friends.

Ctrl+Z undoes the last thing you did. This comes in handy when you are typing up documents and you realize that you overwrote something on accident.

And for the coup de grace…
You can press Tab to cycle through things like forms and all the clickable elements on a web page.

If you didn’t know all of this, you are now one of the 10% that is making better use of their time. Use your powers for good, go forth and conquer.