What’s A Kill Switch And Why You Should Care

The Feb 20th issue of Bloomberg mentioned that Windows 8 will have a “kill switch.” Microsoft will be able to reach into your computer and change the software, with or without your knowledge. Your cell phone already has such features built in so that malicious code can be removed remotely.

That all seems helpful but that means your home computer will have more ways it can be accessed and is more vulnerable to attacks.

And all of our gadgets are learning to talk to one another. Pretty soon, we’ll use our phones to not only act as our wallets and open our garage doors but also change channels on our TV and start our car.

Hackers can even hack into your car systems remotely. As you know, there are a multitude of sensors and chips in your car… Imagine if some hacker triggered your car’s self parking feature in the middle of the freeway?

Or perhaps a mischievous neighbor could remotely turn your house lights on and off or change your hot water tank temperature?

You can’t get away from it. Every device you have will soon be connected. This has advantages and disadvantages.