Things I do for my clients…

I have my current internet specialties and related general skills, including marketing and design. But I really want you to remember these things about me:

1. I will always try to deliver on time or early and exceed my promises whenever possible.

2. I will always be upfront with you.

3. If something goes wrong on my end, I will attempt to make it right by you.

4. I’ll keep an eye on you and keep working with you. If I run across some new technology or circumstance you might be able to use to your advantage, I’ll educate you about your options. I will do my best to understand what issues you face and coordinate my efforts accordingly. And I will send clients your way, given the chance.

5. If I can’t deliver what you need, I will do my best to get you someone who can. I won’t oversell my services.

Lastly, I’m a win-win person. I’m looking to help you and help me at the same time.