A Quick Shout Out To One Local Business

A few weeks ago, we met a local entrepreneur whose startup is providing a very, very valuable service. What do you do-do with all your dog’s doo-doo?

You’re probably very busy with work and family life and you probably look forward to weekends outdoors in your yard with friends. But you forgot that Rover has been filling your backyard with fecal landmines. How much better would things be if you had someone just show up and take it all away?

That’s why we’re posting about this service. Now, our headquarters is not in their service area of the capital region of upstate New York, so we can’t speak personally about their performance. We also aren’t getting any kickbacks or commissions out of promoting them.

What we can tell you is that the owner of the company is a decent guy who is just trying to provide a valuable service and we can agree with that. Check out their residential rates and the rest of their website before you contact them.