Digital vs. Legal FIGHT!

Microsoft accused Google of anti-competitive practices, which is a lot like kettle calling pot. Not too long ago, Microsoft was finally held accountable for its anti-competitive practices. And Facebook got caught trying to make Google look bad. Sigh.

The courts recently allowed an instant message agreement to override a no-oral modification clause in a contract. Be careful what you promise, whether it is by handshake, word or on Facebook.

Patent Empires

MIcrosoft is trying to expand their licensing empire. They, along with all the big tech companies, apply for tens of patents every day. It takes years to go through the process but once it does, they have leverage to make licensing money.

As an example, Google now owns the patent on their logo changes. I’m not a lawyer, but it appears that this could apply to all logos. It’s possible that it would now be illegal for you to have a holiday version of your own business logo online. (Honestly, I’m nor sure that would stand up in court but you never know.)