As The SEO Changes

Have you had SEO improvements done for your website? Here are 5 interesting things that you should know,particularly #4 and #5 which cover mulitple platforms and social media.

Number 3 is interesting. Veery interesting. And you might not realize how important until it’s far too late.

Search is becoming less and less standard. What you get when you search for “pizza” in 90210 is different than what your neighbor in 90211 gets. And it might be different for your neighbor from across the street, too.

But it’s not only your geographic location. It’s your friends on social media, your browsing history, your search history and more. Soon, every person’s search results will be more personalized than not and no two searches will have the same results – even for one word searches.

And it’s more complex than that. Google will eventually begin simply displaying the information that people used to find on your website. As an afterthought, Google might include the link to your website. If people find it valuable enough.

Plus one more both articles failed to mention. SEO is something that you can’t just do once. It has to be redone periodically to remain effective.

So it’s good that you had foresight to have some SEO work done. Now, just don’t lose the momentum and keep your website up to date.