Web Design That Makes A Difference

There are some things I do that make all the difference. Its not magic and I don’t have a cousin who works for Google, either.

1. If you read this site, you know I stay on top of search engine changes and preferences. If title tags started causing penalties, I would take the time to fix every page on all of my client’s sites right away. I also keep an eye on new technology that impacts where people can find your site.

2. I optimize each page for keywords relevant to the informational and buying customer, both online and offline. Periodically, I review sites for optimization success and work to improve the results.

3. I code the pages to current optimization standards and validate them. This eliminates wasted page load time and site performance problems along with making things look right in all browsers.

4. I test every link to avoid broken or misdirected links.

I won’t continue to bore you with a long and tedious list of the things I do, and any other SEO person could verify that these listed items are very basic and necessary.

The point is that my experience and attention to detail provide you with the best website I can create for you. It’s what I do.

Things I do for my clients…

I have my current internet specialties and related general skills, including marketing and design. But I really want you to remember these things about me:

1. I will always try to deliver on time or early and exceed my promises whenever possible.

2. I will always be upfront with you.

3. If something goes wrong on my end, I will attempt to make it right by you.

4. I’ll keep an eye on you and keep working with you. If I run across some new technology or circumstance you might be able to use to your advantage, I’ll educate you about your options. I will do my best to understand what issues you face and coordinate my efforts accordingly. And I will send clients your way, given the chance.

5. If I can’t deliver what you need, I will do my best to get you someone who can. I won’t oversell my services.

Lastly, I’m a win-win person. I’m looking to help you and help me at the same time.

Three Word Websites and Other Crazy Ideas

Have you heard of threewords.me? It’s a site that’s only existed for a month but has 17 million page views and almost 5 million visitors. Not bad for a month.

So what’s this site do? You use it to “invite your friends and online followers to describe you with three words.” Now think about that last idea you had for a website that sounded crazy…

How about a site that features pictures of cats? What could that be worth?

The 18 year old owner of threewords.me is selling it off in private auction. It seems like the kind of thing that, given the right company, could be an extremely valuable addition. Not a company like Facebook but maybe the sort of company that works with Facebook.

How about a social network for business travelers? You could see who else is in your hotel (or nearby) and get some personal meetings done with your waiting time.

The point is that your crazy website idea might not be so crazy. Give it a try. If you don’t know where to start, give me a call.